LONDON (9 February 2017)National Geographic Traveller (UK) and the National Geographic Society are collaborating on a social media campaign this February to promote their adventures on the Silk Road.

The campaign will call on travellers to share their experiences on the Silk Road on social media to promote the route as well as amplifying the work of National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek, and of National Geographic Traveller writer, Emma Thompson.

Paul Salopek – a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow – is retracing a 21,000-mile journey taken by the first humans as they migrated out of Africa. His storytelling project, carried out almost entirely on foot, started in 2013, and he has been traversing the Silk Road region since April 2016.

Emma Thompson took a 47-day trip last year on a commission from National Geographic Traveller (UK). Acting as the brand’s Digital Nomad, she travelled 7,456 miles across six countries from Xi’an in China to Istanbul in Turkey.

The campaign is calling on readers and followers to share their experiences of the Silk Road using the hashtag #NGSilkRoad.

Pat Riddell, editor of National Geographic Traveller (UK) said: “The Silk Road has long captured the imagination of travellers and adventurers, and it’s an exciting proposition to team up with National Geographic Out of Eden Walk and bring the stories and experiences to a wider audience.”

“The long and storied history of the Silk Road permeates all the countries and cultures it winds through,” said Salopek. “As I traverse this vast region at boot-level, I also am reminded how much this ancient trade route built the modern world as we know it—it was the original laboratory for globalization. I’m so pleased to partner with National Geographic Traveller to share this experience with as wide an audience as possible.”

Emma Thompson’s full feature will be in the April issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK). Read more at

Paul Salopek is continuing his Out of Eden adventure for the next six years. Follow his progress here: or at @OutofEdenWalk on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.




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