Project Description

Israel Govermnet Tourist Office



The London-based Israel Government Tourist Office wanted to promote affordable, cultural tourism to Israel, engage with customers and deliver marketing messages using content that would not provoke political opinions and widespread controversy through a print guide that will be used for up to six months as marketing material.

Israel Government Tourist Office


We created a 28-page guide to Israel, which was produced in two different versions. One would give the local Jewish market a flavour of the type of trips they could organise to Israel. This included a number of different itineraries suitable for a range of travellers with historical, religious, cultural and leisure activities. This version of the magazine was distributed with the Jewish Chronicle, at 151 Synagogues across the UK and through 20 Jewish primary schools across London.

The second version targeted those who have never travelled to Israel, who have not been there for a significant period of time and who are regular travellers but looking for new ideas for places to explore in the country. This version was distributed through both newsstand and subscriber copies of National Geographic Traveller (UK).


The guide has since been released in the US with more language editions to come.


The magazine reached a readership in excess of 250,000 people. In addition, a competition to win a holiday to Israel generated hundreds of entries from readers across the UK.