///Our favourite National Geographic Traveller (UK) covers of all time

Our favourite National Geographic Traveller (UK) covers of all time

From the heady heights of New York to a Maasai tribesman named Fred, here are the covers that made it into our top 6

October 2016

Pat Riddell, editor
This issue was the first time we’d been able to commission a photographer (Slawek Kozdras) to shoot the entire cover story as the focus was on one specific area: New York. We’d asked five locals to each write about their borough, however it was Richard James Taylor (another of our photographers) whose image — looking from Brooklyn across the East River — fitted the brief perfectly, reflecting both the intimate and the epic sides of the metropolis. The Manhattan skyline as a backdrop immediately identifies the location as the Big Apple but the basketball players in the foreground add a local, personal dimension. Some covers grow on you, some have an instant impact — and never lose their lustre. This is one of the latter.

Read about New York’s five boroughs (as part of the cover story):
Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island

September 2016

Chris Hudson, art director
Our first issue showcasing a new look for Traveller, and the cover embodied, quite literally, our commitment to putting a destination’s people at the forefront. People tell the story best, and in this case we were thrilled to get a fantastic shot of Fred, a Maasai tribesman, that made for a striking cover. We chose to break the yellow border — which we only do in exceptional circumstances — to add extra depth.

Read the cover story here.

April 2017

Glen Mutel, executive editor
In some ways, this cover was a departure for us. Our cover story that issue focused on the creative renaissance underway in urban Greece, in the wake of the financial crisis. Given the subject matter, it was important the cover made a statement. We chose an arresting image of a piece of graffiti featuring a tall man with four eyes, and its proud creator standing in front of it. The result is chaotic and busy, with bold swipes of colour and the headline ‘A Modern Classic’. It’s not the type of thing we could do all the time. But it’s nice to throw in a curveball like this once in a while.

Read the cover story here.

September 2018

Philip Lay, acting senior designer
Photographer Richard James Taylor was commissioned by me for our September 2018 cover story: meeting the residents of Barcelona and getting their insight on the city. We featured some interesting characters, including barman Esteban who ended up on the front cover. The image shows a proud Esteban outside Bar del Pla surrounded by beautiful patterned tiles, warm, earthy tones, and most importantly, excellent space for cover lines! When I go to Barcelona I want Esteban to be the guy pouring my drink.

Read the cover story here.

Jan/Feb 2016

Stephanie Cavagnaro, deputy editor
What says ‘cool’ better than this dapper, cigar-smoking Cuban? The Caribbean island was one of our ‘16 for 2016’ Cool List destinations following the thaw in US-Cuban relations. The cover we chose for the issue is one of my all-time favourites — it has bags of attention-grabbing finesse. The punchy typography, in a pop of pink, matches the cheery man’s floral boutonnière, allowing the image to pleasingly interact with the text. As the subject is standing against a plain green background, there’s whitespace for cover lines, and by placing some letters behind him, it creates a 3D effect, giving this simple shot plenty of depth.

June 2017

Josephine Price, online editor
There’s something about this cover that launches me out of the office and straight into the wild. In my imagination, at least. This shot of Utah’s Antelope Canyon was chosen for the ‘17 natural wonders of the USA’ cover story, with the cover line: American Beauty (which also happens to be one of my favourite films). As we said in the feature, no other nation does epic landscapes quite like the USA. Now, how do I get myself there?