Project Description

Israel Government Tourist Office



The London-based Israel Government Tourist Office wanted to promote their Two Cities One Break campaign encouraging people to visit both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during trips to Israel. The aim was to engage with customers and guide them on how best to weave the two cities into itineraries through a print publication that was to be distributed with two national newspapers.

Israel Government Tourist Office


We created a 28-page guide to Israel focussing solely on the two cities. We split the publication into four overarching themes: food, art and culture, outdoor activities and shopping. In each theme we delved into what travellers could expect in each city. The aim was to create a narrative that introduced the complementary cities as equally interesting for a range of travellers. In addition to this, a ‘where to stay’ section highlighted some of the hotels that are participating in the scheme while offers throughout the publication promoted tour operators such as British Airways and Pomegranate Travel who have created bespoke offers for the campaign.


The magazine was distributed as a supplement with The Times and The Telegraph. Following a successful UK run, the guide has since been adapted and reproduced for further campaigns in the US and Italian markets.