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News  /  29th March 2022

3 things we learnt from Travel Geeks: The other side of the Balearics

The Travel Geeks online: discover the Balearics event.

3 things we learnt from Travel Geeks: The other side of the Balearics

On 23 March, National Geographic Traveller (UK) hosted Travel Geeks: The other side of the Balearics, an online event sponsored by Formentera Tourist Board. The expert panel, made up of travel writers Fiona Tapp and Maya Boyd, travel journalists Isabella Nobel and Jessica Vincent and National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s own Connor McGovern, offered insight into thoughtful longer stays on the beautiful islands of Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca. Here’s what they had to say.

1.Great natural walks

If you’re fond of a good walk or hike, the island of Formentera has beautiful trails know as ‘green routes’. Fiona Tapp explained that visitors can bike or walk along them, exploring all the natural glory the island has to offer. She also recommended using the Visit Formentera guides to plan your walk, as they provide plenty of information about the routes, including how long each one takes.

2. Traditional crafts

These islands also possess a wealth of craft traditions. “Textiles, leather, glass: it’s all happening in the Balearics,” said Jessica. “You only have to walk down the street to find workshops that have been there for years. They’re making things for the love of it, not as a tourist attraction.”This is what sets the Balearics apart from the mainland — a sense of tradition and love going into local crafts, which give them a truly authentic feel.

3. The food

“Some of the great souvenirs of the Balearics are the food products,” explained Isabella. “The salt, the honey, cheeses, olive oils and the lovely wines.”The cuisine there has a huge focus on local ingredients and traditional cooking, meaning the food is not only full of flavour but also full of history. The panel also agreed that the produce in the Balearics is amazing. Fiona attributed this to the soil and the beautiful, fresh waters. Menorca has even been named 2022’s European Region of Gastronomy.

Watch the full discussion on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) YouTube page, and click here to see a list of upcoming events.

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