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24th May 2022

Read about where the National Geographic Traveller (UK) team have been exploring at nationalgeographic.co.uk/travel

Read about the exotic locations that the National Geographic Traveller (UK) team have been exploring.
19th May 2022

Travel Geeks: how to plan the ultimate sailing trip – meet the panel

Our first in person Travel Geeks event in two years is just a few weeks away!
11th May 2022

Three of our favourite travel features on Living360

Living360 keeps you up to date with all kinds of lifestyle and trends.
9th May 2022

April in review

Take a look at what the APL Media team have been working on in the past month.
5th May 2022

National Geographic Traveller (UK) June 2022 available on newsstands now

The cover story this month focuses on Scandinavia.
4th May 2022

We are hiring: Project editor (maternity cover)  

We’re seeking a project editor to work within the lifestyle team for our direct response/newspaper division.  
3rd May 2022

The BSME newsletter masterclass with Maria Pieri and Farrah Storr

Maria Pieri, APL media’s editorial director, spoke with Farrah Storr, head of writer partnerships at Substack.
27th April 2022

Celebrating 25 years of APL Media

Take a trip down memory lane and explore how APL Media made it to this landmark anniversary.
26th April 2022
The Travel Media Awards 2022 logo.

A Q&A with Mark Parren Taylor, who took home the Photography Award at the Travel Media Awards 2021

On what makes a destination great to photograph and how the pandemic changed photography.
25th April 2022
The Travel Media Awards 2022 logo.

Meet Trevor Baker, winner of the Breaking Travel News award at the 2021 Travel Media Awards

On Covid-19 controversies and what makes a travel news story stand out.
19th April 2022

A Q&A with Ian Belcher, named Consumer Writer of the Year at the Travel Media Awards 2021

On how he finds the human heart in his stories and how travel writing might evolve.
18th April 2022

March in review

APL has had a busy month. Here’s what we’ve been working on this spring.