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News  /  28th December 2021

APL Media 2021 Highlights


APL Media 2021 Highlights

Throughout all the change and chaos that 2021 brought, APL Media has worked on some exciting projects. Here are our highlights of this year.

The Travel Media Awards 2021
The Travel Media Awards is widely recognised as the premier awards event in travel media, and the only UK national awards exclusively recognising excellence and achievement across all forms of media. The event was held at the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel, and Paralympic medallist, TV presenter and journalist Ade Adepitan was honoured with the Special Contribution Award, which each year recognises someone who’s made an extraordinary contribution to travel. Learn more about the Travel Media Awards here.

Living 360 launch
APL Media launched a new digital lifestyle destination to keep you up to date with health and fitness, food and drink, homes and gardens, beauty, travel, finance and lifestyle trends. Click here to take a look.

The Telegraph spreads
APL publishes more than 40 newspaper inserts a year — ranging from 16-48 pages. This year, they took this to a new level, producing weekly double-page spreads in The Daily Telegraph’s Saturday supplement, with native content promoting various products and services.

DR digital
APL Media took its newspaper division to a new level this year with the introduction of a series of digital content articles working with a range of titles, including The Independent, Evening Standard and The Telegraph, to complement its print inserts division.

To see some examples click here and here.

Best of the World 2022
National Geographic Traveller (UK) revealed its annual Best of the World list in the Jan/Feb 2022 issue of the magazine, rounding up 35 must-see destinations for the next year. Framed by five categories — Nature, Adventure, Culture, Sustainability and Family — selections on the 2022 list honour national parks and wildlife, outdoor activities and experience, green travel and destinations, and multigenerational destinations and journeys. Click here to see the full list.

British Columbia campaign
National Geographic Traveller (UK) partnered with British Columbia to create a multi-platform campaign across digital, print and social. Featuring nine pieces — including eye-witness features, interviews with locals and photo stories — and three videos, the campaign looked at how to answer the call of the wild in this wonderful western Canadian province. Click here to read the pieces.

South Australia Wines event for National Geographic Traveller (UK)
On 1 June, during a National Geographic Traveller event sponsored by the South Australian Tourism Commission, wine expert Olly Smith was joined by journalist and author Nina Caplan, naturalist and broadcaster Nick Baker and chef and restauranteur Alexis Noble to talk about the state’s wines. In addition to the natural wine movement and eco-friendly wine companies, the discussion touched on topics as diverse as the nation’s flavour palate and hospitality culture. 

National Geographic Traveller Food (UK)
The quarterly series of special issues of National Geographic Traveller (UK) won the Food Magazine or Section category of the Guild of Food Writers awards 2021.

Israeli Academia
APL Media created a magazine and a website for the Council for Higher Education of Israel, showcasing the country’s academic excellence to prospective overseas students. The 36-page publication, Israeli Academia, is packed full of information on Israel’s academic system and opportunities within it, as well as news and stories from nine of its leading higher education institutions. The publication, available as an eZine, is accompanied by a microsite.