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News  /  13th January 2022

Catch up with some of our latest beauty stories on Living360


Catch up with some of our latest beauty stories on Living360

Living360 is our new destination website for inspirational content and experiential features alongside tailored lifestyle guides, luxury reviews and insightful interviews. Take a look at some of the latest beauty trends.

Waterless beauty: what is it and why you need to try it

Reducing our water consumption is one of the ways we can lower our carbon footprint and lessen our impact on our planet — and choosing waterless beauty products can be a step in this direction. Best of all, these companies have sustainability as part of their core ethos, so while making better choices, you’re also aiding them in their environmental journeys.
To learn more about the products revolutionising the beauty industry, click here.

Winter nail trends for 2022: the colours, designs and shapes to choose

As a stylist and fashion editor, nails have always been a big part of the look for Suzi Rezler. Having worked at Elle and Net-a-Porter, Suzi founded her luxury nail business, Naillery, in 2020, creating bespoke press-on nails. She also works as a session nail artist in London. Living360 spoke to Suzi about some of her favourite nail trends this winter.
Check out what she had to say here.

Five beauty trends and changes to expect in 2022

Three of the beauty industry’s leading experts make their predictions for the year ahead. Notably, among the five trends predicted to grow across beauty in 2022, a focus on natural changes and enhanced health runs throughout skincare, hair care, makeup and dentistry. Read more here.