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News  /  26th April 2021

The latest National Geographic Traveller (UK) digital campaigns

NGT campaigns.

The latest National Geographic Traveller (UK) digital campaigns

Here’s a selection of campaigns the National Geographic Traveller (UK) team created over the past few weeks, working with leading travel brands:

Akagi Shizenjuku
Mount Akagi is just two hours from Tokyo, and its sheer size means there are many ways to tackle it. Whether you scale its crater or stick to the foothills, this piece explains what to expect from one of Japan’s biggest volcanoes.

Colorado Tourism Office
The western US state is renowned for its vast swathes of wilderness and vibrant local communities, all threaded together by a series of scenic and historic byways. Plan the ultimate road trip through its open spaces with this guide to some of the best routes.

Air Greenland, Visit Greenland
The pristine Arctic wilderness of Greenland is an ideal destination for those craving communion with nature. This listicle looks at seven back-to-basics experiences in the world’s largest island, from dog sled safaris to experiencing local traditions with an overnight igloo stay.

‘Visit Ise-Shima’ Bureau
This feature is all about ama, Japan’s female divers. While their numbers have declined in recent years as generations left to pursue careers in big cities, the Ise-Shima peninsula remains one of the best places to learn all about this age-old practice.

Shikoku Tourism
This Q&A article provides a guide to Shikoku, Japan’s often-overlooked island, home to temples dating back millennia, wild landscapes and traditional festivals.

Head here if you’d like to find out more about working with the team.