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News  /  7th June 2024

Food by National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s Summer issue puts seafood on the menu  


Food by National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s Summer issue puts seafood on the menu  

Savour the freshest fish and shellfish with this month’s cover story, in which we bring together some of the world’s most beloved seafood dishes.  

In the latest issue, the magazine casts its net as wide as possible, embracing the full spectrum of seaside specialities from across the globe — from pine-smoked mussels in France and oysters baked in bacon in Japan to zesty Indonesian tuna salad and Singapore’s spicy chill crab. 

Plus, explore the culinary traditions of France’s mountainous Massif Central region; enjoy a family meal cooked in a clay oven in the hills of Cyprus; and follow the Herzegovina Wine Route in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All this, plus the best of Naples, Hanoi and Skye in the Summer issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK).  

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