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News  /  23rd January 2024

Hear from industry leaders joining APL Media in driving diversity in travel media 


Hear from industry leaders joining APL Media in driving diversity in travel media 

APL Media, co-founders of the Travel Media Awards, launched the Travel Media Awards Step Up internship scheme in autumn 2023 along with FINN Partners, Intrepid Travel and TTG Media. This important initiative aims to help drive diversity and inclusion in the travel media industry by offering internships to young people from underrepresented backgrounds.  

With applications for the summer 2024 placements set to close on 31 January, we’ve been speaking to some of the industry figureheads behind the programme to find out what inspired them to join forces for the scheme. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

APL Media   

“APL Media is recognising the importance of cultivating and uplifting people from different backgrounds to strengthen the industry by better reflecting the diversity within the UK. We’re looking to address the demographic imbalances with this positive action scheme and envision a more representative and vibrant landscape.” Maria Pieri, editorial director, APL Media   

FINN Partners   

“As outlined in our ethos, FINN is on a mission to make a difference. We’re a global agency united by a shared vision, unwavering values and a relentless commitment to driving positive change, for our people, our clients and our world. Step Up ties so much of this together for us as an agency, as we strive to ensure that our collaborative workplace is accessible for all that want to join our mission. We believe deeply in productive purpose, and we partner with like-minded travel businesses motivated to meet sustainable goals.” Amy Skelding, senior partner, FINN Partners  

Intrepid Travel  

At Intrepid we want to build a truly inclusive travel brand and attracting talent from underrepresented backgrounds is key to that. Having diverse teams is not only the right thing to do – it’s good for business.” Chloe Berman, head of PR and communications EMEA, Intrepid Travel  

TTG Media   

“TTG Media passionately believes in promoting a smarter, better and fairer travel industry – one that’s ultimately kinder to both the environment and the people that work within it. We believe that we can’t successfully promote diversity, equality and inclusion in travel without promoting it in the media and encouraging a more diverse publishing sector.” Daniel Pearce, CEO, TTG Media  

There’s only one week left until the application deadline on 31 January 2024. Find out more: bit.ly/StepUpInternship