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News  /  29th April 2024

Living360 – An April snapshot  


Living360 – An April snapshot  

APL Media lifestyle brand, Living360, offers wellness advice that’s both aspirational and achievable. Each month, Living360 presents a curated content roundup, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest trends and insights. 

Running: Inspired by the 2024 London marathon? The Living360 team were and have spent April focusing on all things ‘running’. This includes creating a beginner’s guide to running and finding out the best running shoes for every level, from novice to pro.  

Travel: Discovering the hidden wonders of Zanzibar, highlighting Sea Cliff Resort & Hotel as a destination that makes a fantastic base for exploring the country’s greatest sights.  

Health: Travelling overseas for medical treatment? Here’s a checklist of things to research when considering partaking in treatments abroad and the potential red flags everyone should know about.  

The Edit: This month saw Living360 kickstart its latest series: The Living360 Edit. Here, you’ll find monthly roundups of the team’s favourite trends, destinations, products and hobbies. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for exclusive offers and must-have wellness picks and sign up to the newsletter for more.