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Evening Standard

Newspaper publications and main body advertising opportunities 

APL Media publishes travel and lifestyle publications, which are printed into the middle of London’s Evening Standard. Through these publications, brands can reach the Evening Standard’s affluent and suggestable audience.  

The themed publications cover topics such as health and fitness, food and drink, homes and gardens, family and education, finance, business, beauty and travel – including The Travel Guide which features aspirational editorial content from the National Geographic Traveller (UK) magazine.   

At least 300,000 copies of each publication are distributed across London and the Carlton regions (exact print runs may vary, never going below 300,000), with a digital version reaching 250k social media and Living360 subscribers.  

Evening Standard’s readers have an income that is 36% higher than the UK average. They’re time-poor professionals who shop on their way home, during which time 80% of commuters feel positive during the evening commute — making people suggestible to purchases – with 66% of commuters wanting brands that help them to achieve their goals. This demonstrates that the Evening Standard is an ideal vehicle to introduce any product you think may help improve their lifestyle and attain their goals. 

Key Figures

Unique UK users: 13.4 million

Monthly page views: 25.6 million

Facebook: 1.4 million followers

Twitter: 643,000 followers

Social grade: ABC1 65% 

Average readership: 690,000 

Median age: 39