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A new initiative transforming audience engagement with AI  

APL Media is thrilled to introduce Social Asking, a fresh and innovative SaaS division the company. This venture brings cutting-edge AI to audience engagement, making it easy for brands to understand their audience in real-time.

Social Asking’s platform is uniquely equipped to provide immediate feedback and sentiment analysis, enabling businesses to gauge audience reactions and intentions as they unfold. This capability is invaluable for companies looking to stay ahead in rapidly changing markets and interpret their audience’s needs and preferences in depth. 

As the lead sales agent for this game-changing software, APL Media is committed to providing clients with the most advanced tools for a new era of market research.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your business, contact [email protected] 

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Your questions answered

What are the commercial benefits of using Social Asking?  
Social Asking not only enhances reader engagement but also provides valuable, actionable insights for your commercial partners. By understanding audience sentiment and interests, you can develop bespoke content and advertising strategies that resonate more effectively with your readers. 

Can Social Asking be white-labelled to align with our brand identity? 
Yes, Social Asking offers a white-label solution, allowing you to brand the platform as your own. This feature ensures that all interactions and engagements through the platform are consistent with your brand’s look and feel, providing a cohesive and branded user experience for your audience.

How can Social Asking enhance my audience engagement? 
Social Asking uses AI to analyse real-time sentiment and trends, enabling you to engage your audience with interactive polls and discussions. This leads to deeper insights into their preferences and opinions. 

What makes Social Asking different from traditional survey tools?
Unlike standard survey methods, Social Asking offers a dynamic, semi-social platform that encourages open-ended conversations. This not only captures a wider range of opinions but also fosters a more engaging experience for users. 

Where can I find out more from real case studies and reports?
Various case studies on socialasking.com outline the benefits and results of the software for clients including Bolton Wanderers, Cardiff City FC, Hibernian FC and Arizona State University. Bolton Wanderers let fans pick their kits for a second year using Social Asking. By collecting ratings and comments as opposed to a simple vote, the club was able to listen to fan suggestions and release additional kits. This example illustrates the power of Social Asking in capturing rich feedback and boosting engagement. Visit the archives to see what fans the had to say. 

Can Social Asking help with understanding specific topics, like local issues or reader interests in lifestyle content? 
Absolutely. Social Asking’s AI-driven analysis can tailor its focus to specific topics, whether it’s local issues, lifestyle content or even election sentiments. This means you can get targeted insights that are directly relevant to your readership’s interests. 

How does Social Asking ensure the data collected is relevant and valuable? 
Social Asking employs smart filters and intent tags, which help in drilling down to the most pertinent comments and insights. This means you get a clearer picture of your audience’s thoughts and feelings without the noise of irrelevant data.

How does Social Asking integrate with my existing systems?
Social Asking is designed for seamless integration with your current systems, ensuring smooth data synchronisation and workflow continuity. Its flexible architecture allows it to complement and enhance your existing digital ecosystem, making the transition and ongoing usage both efficient and user-friendly. 

Key highlights

  • Enhanced engagement: The platform employs AI to provide real-time sentiment analysis and trend tracking, enabling interactive polls and discussions for deeper audience insights. 
  • Beyond traditional surveys: Social Asking’s dynamic, semi-social environment fosters open-ended conversations, capturing a broader spectrum of reader opinions. 
  • Tailored insights: Whether it’s local issues or lifestyle interests, Social Asking’s focused AI analysis delivers targeted insights relevant to your readership. 
  • Relevant data: Advanced filters and intent tags ensure the collection of pertinent and valuable audience insights. 
  • Commercial advantage: Understanding reader sentiment and interests through Social Asking can shape effective content and advertising strategies for your commercial partners