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Digital native content and Telegraph digital display  

APL Media is working with telegraph.co.uk to offer unique, native content opportunities to brands. telegraph.co.uk receives 319 million unique global users per year. Through this partnership, brands can access telegraph.co.uk’s distinct, affluent readership and online platform, allowing them to create digital content that readers can trust.  

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Digital native content  

Ten partners will be selected to work with us on contributing to each digital native content package, which includes featuring in a ‘Top 10’ article, along with advertising opportunities. The content is written and edited by expert writers before being submitted to telegraph.co.uk. Articles will remain live indefinitely, ensuring continued benefit through SEO and a direct link to each partner’s website. 

Topics span several sought-after niche areas of the travel industry, such as ski, spa, and family travel along with events, days out, attractions, romantic getaways, luxury islands and more. Articles also cover popular lifestyle topics such as homes, gardens, food, drink, health, fitness, finance and beauty, as well as education and business. 


Telegraph digital display 

The Telegraph has over one million subscribers, who collectively read 10 million pages and spend 6.4 million minutes on the app and website every day. Through digital advertising on the website and app, you will have access to an exclusive, affluent and engaged audience. 

Subscribers are logged in and generate a wealth of real-time insights not reliant on third-party data or cookies – this means campaigns are better targeted and therefore perform better for brands. 

Telegraph.co.uk is the flagship website of The Telegraph and is a destination for current affairs news, sports, lifestyle and cultural insights. Its readership is evenly split between men and women, and in a 2023 Newsworks Trust Study, news brands were found to be 21% less risky to users when compared to other online news sources. It’s this trust that helps drive advertising brand profit and makes telegraph.co.uk a great platform for advertisers to gain exclusive access to readers who trust the publication and have a significant disposable income. 

Key Figures

Unique global users: 319 million  

Unique UK users: 16.9 million 

Facebook: 5 million followers  

Twitter/X: 3.4 million followers 

Cross-platform monthly reach: 18 million  

ABC1 (cross-platform): 72%