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News  /  16th June 2021

Reading inspiration from the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website

Currently, just 12 countries and territories are on the ‘green list’, which has been devised, the government says, using coronavirus health metrics, including vaccination numbers, infection rates and prevalence of variants. Image: Getty

Reading inspiration from the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here’s a list of online-only articles that have gone live on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website over the past few weeks.

30 April — The future of travel: Hay Festival authors discuss a responsible return to global exploration
By Horatio Clare, Jini Reddy, Hafsa Zayyan, Jay Griffiths, Diane Cook & Camilla Pang
Lockdown has left us with itchy feet, but it’s also taught us the value of local community. How will this affect the way we journey in the future? Six authors who spoke at the online Hay Festival share their thoughts.

5 May — From my city to yours: legendary DJ Don Letts on London’s best musical hangouts
By Nora Wallaya
The Grammy Award-winning musical maestro rose to fame in 1970s London with his pioneering reggae-punk fusion — which brought together fans of both genres. In this piece, he discusses the capital’s world-class music scene and recommends his top hangouts.

12 May — Seven of the best new UK restaurants to try in 2021
By Joel Porter
Seven new restaurant openings in the UK, from a double-decker cheese barge on the Thames to a philanthropic Syrian restaurant run by a former Damascene restaurateur.

12 May — The best croissant in Paris: the journey to awarding one patisserie the prestigious title
By Peter Yeung
Flaky, fluffy and golden, the perfect croissant is a thing of beauty, but not all made the cut at the Concours du Meilleur Croissant de Grand Paris 2021. We take a look behind the scenes of a very French competition.

12 May — Everything you need to know about the new ‘traffic light’ system for international travel
By Sarah Barrell
The UK government has formalised its ‘traffic light’ system, which categorises travel destinations based on their coronavirus risk. How does it work, where can you go and will it bring a return to international travel this summer?

14 May — Natural navigation: an expert reveals how to read the weather on your next trip
By Sarah Barrell
The only living person to have both flown solo and sailed single-handed across the Atlantic, Tristan Gooley is an expert at interpreting nature’s signs for navigation. Here, he reveals his secrets for reading weather, from warning clouds to cooling trees.

15 May — Meet the adventurer: veteran explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison on surviving Covid-19 and taking on new challenges
By Nora Wallaya
The octogenarian co-founder of human rights organisation Survival International discusses how he beat Covid-19 — a recovery that culminated in him summiting Cornwall’s highest mountain and raising £100,000 for the hospital that saved his life.

17 May — My life in food: singer-songwriter James Newman on his ideal Eurovision party dish and his love for Turkish food
By Farida Zeynalova
The singer-songwriter discusses all things culinary, from the best places to eat in his native Yorkshire to his signature barbecued prawns.

26 May —The travel destinations that inspired this summer’s hottest novels
By Tahmima Anam, Caleb Azumah Nelson, Robert Jones Jr, Lisa McInerney  and Julianne Pachico
Five Hay Festival authors, including Lisa McInerney and Robert Jones Jr, reflect on the places that inspired, supported or provoked them while they wrote this season’s hottest novels.

29 May — Playing with fire: seven chefs harnessing the power of open flames
By Aarti Betigeri
From London to Australia’s east coast, chefs are using fire to cook — and add flavour to — meat, veg and even fruit. It’s all the inspiration you need to take your barbecue to the next level this this summer.

7 June — The 10 best British lidos to visit this summer
By Christopher Beanland
We look at Great Britain’s long love affair with outdoor swimming and celebrate 10 historic lidos — centrepieces of local communities for generations — that have survived to the present day.