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Case Study:

The Red Sea

Multimedia content strategy

The brief

This strategic regional campaign had the objective of positioning the Red Sea region of Saudi Arabia as the go-to travel destination for luxury and eco-conscious travellers from the UK, Europe, and the GCC regions. The campaign sought to accentuate the singular blend of opulence and sustainability that the Red Sea offers its visitors.


Our approach

Embarking on a mission to capture the Red Sea's unique offering, APL Media’s project editors weaved a tapestry of emotive storytelling and data-driven engagement. The articles, rooted in meticulous research and firsthand accounts, brought to life the diverse facets of the Red Sea. Meanwhile, a series of travel films, each crafted with a keen eye on cinematography, immersed viewers in the region's unmatched beauty and vibrancy.

We tapped into APL Media's state-of-the-art audience-building capabilities, pinpointing those with pronounced passion for travel, sustainability and adventure. This approach was bolstered through strategic collaborations with media titles like National Geographic Traveller (UK) and the Evening Standard

As this multi-million-pound development was the first major tourist attraction to open in northwest Saudi Arabia, the campaign’s core message was that readers would be among the first to discover this unexplored region. 

Key figures

14.9 million

People reached

19.8 million



Page views


Active plays

3.32 million

Impressions across four travel films

9.06 million

Total reach for the Evening Standard campaign

1.8 million

Total reach for National Geographic Traveller (UK) campaign

Our results

Our content exceeded expectations by 100% against the set KPIs. The above-average dwell time on our articles suggests more than casual browsing; readers are immersed in the narrative. Our travel films, crafted with passion and precision, stirred the souls of viewers to achieve nearly three times the anticipated engagement. Particularly impressive was the performance of ‘The Red Sea – Time for Adventure’, a film that astutely tapped into a collective yearning for both adventure and serenity in the post-pandemic era. 

The campaign's unprecedented success was about more than just numbers, it established a new perspective on an emerging tourism destination for a savvy audience of luxury-minded and eco-conscious consumers. The impact of this campaign is long-lasting: a symphony of stories, told across multiple platforms through tailored media, harmoniously urging travellers to embark on a journey that promises luxury, sustainability and unparalleled beauty at the Red Sea. 

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