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News  /  4th May 2021

The latest online-only content on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website

Whale-watching fees typically include a donation to a conservation fund, but it's worth doing your research before booking a tour. Some outfits also contribute to scientific research: crews and guests add ID photos to a database, expanding knowledge of whale populations and their movements. Image: Getty

The latest online-only content on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website

From a list of new environmental documentaries to a guide to ethical whale-watching, enjoy these new digital articles on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) website:

17 April 2021 — How to plan sustainable trips to the world’s most iconic destinations
By Emma Gregg
If a tumultuous year without travel has encouraged you to visit the destination of your dreams, you’re not alone: big trips are set to be a major booking trend into 2022. From Kenya to Cambodia, this article looks at how to plan your travels responsibly.

17 April 2021 — Eight new environmental documentaries to watch for 2021
By Jamie Lafferty
This article lists eight new critically acclaimed documentaries well worth getting stuck into, from the eye-opening to the whistleblowing.

19 April 2021 — The eight best restaurants for outdoor dining in Glasgow
By Jamie Lafferty
Boasting one of the most exciting food scenes in the UK, Glasgow has seen its restaurants adapt to cater to al fresco diners during the pandemic. This piece recommends eight of the best places to eat outside across the city.

22 April 2021 — How to plan a railway journey across Europe
By Monisha Rajesh
The EU has designated 2021 as the European Year of Rail and it’s great timing as more people look to train travel as a way of diversifying their journeys across the continent. This piece offers advice on planning an intrepid railway adventure across Europe.

22 April 2021 — A guide to ethical whale tourism in the 21st century
By Emma Gregg
The more we learn about whales, the more fascinating and complex they appear to be. But what role does whale-watching play in their conservation? And what positive practices are destinations employing to protect them?

26 April 2021 — Britain’s songbirds are in decline — here’s how travellers can help
By Nora Wallaya
Songbirds have long been intertwined with Britain’s natural and cultural landscape. With spring in full swing, this feature celebrates the birds that serenade our streets and countryside, and takes a look at the ways we can help to boost their numbers.