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News  /  27th June 2022

The Travel Media Awards is proud to announce Morocco as our 2022 headline sponsor  

Panoramic view of the iconic Blue City, Kasbah And Medina, Chefchaouen, Morocco. Image: Getty Images

The Travel Media Awards is proud to announce Morocco as our 2022 headline sponsor  

We’re pleased to announce that our headline sponsor for this year’s Travel Media Awards is Morocco, the Kingdom of Light.

Jamal Kilito, director for UK and Ireland at the Moroccan National Tourism Office, says: “Morocco is very happy to be the headline sponsor of this year’s edition of the Travel Media Awards. It’s a great opportunity at a moment where Morocco is launching a new campaign that aims to position the destination in a different way, targeting a younger audience looking for discoveries and the unexpected. Morocco, the Kingdom of Light, is delighted.”

Anthony Leyens, chief executive of APL Media and co-founder of the Travel Media Awards, said, “We’re really pleased to have Morocco as our headline sponsor for 2022. We’re looking forward to working together to promote Morocco as a leading destination, as well as our shared goal of celebrating editorial quality and excellence through the Travel Media Awards.”

We asked Jamal what visitors can look forward to in Morocco in the coming months.

“Our new Morocco, Kingdom of Light campaign aims to support tourism and reveal the infinite beauty of the land. This is an opportunity for us to value and celebrate Morocco. We want to pay homage to the wealth of experiences in the country and express its forward-thinking and free spirit.” The campaign encourages discerning visitors to visit Morocco’s beautiful desert, coastal and mountain landscapes, experience the splendours of the medina and traditional arts, as well as souks and palaces, and to enjoy unique leisure activities, luxurious riads and exotic gardens.