Victoria harbour of Hong Kong at sunset.

This week’s top travel trends

[4 October] Here are the travel trends we’ve noticed this week:

Six out of the top 10 internationally visited cities in 2018 were in Asia

Tourism-friendly policies, low-cost connectivity and weak currencies were among the key factors that played a role in attracting visitors to Asia in 2018. According to a study by GlobalData, six out of the top 10 worldwide cities in terms of international visitor arrivals were in the region — including Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. Other non-Asian destinations featured in the list included London and Paris in Europe, Dubai in the Middle East and New York in America.

Where to travel in 2020

Abercrombie and Kent has released its travel predictions for next year — including the countries making a comeback, the destinations offering one-off experiences and the up-and-comers. Egypt and Sri Lanka are returning to form after tumultuous years, while travellers are advised to visit Argentina in December to witness a total solar eclipse visible only from a few South American destinations. When it comes to the countries coming out of the shadows, Laos and Ethiopia are the destinations to watch, promising visitors all-new experiences.

New study reveals investment priorities for hotels

A new survey by Expedia Group reveals that chain hotels are nearly twice as likely as smaller independent properties to prioritise technology investment. On the other hand, independent hotels tend to prioritise room renovations — indicating a gap in technology investment strategies among different hospitality segments. While reliance on technology is becoming increasingly important in the industry, the independent hotels surveyed cited costs and complexity as the biggest obstacles to becoming more tech-friendly.