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News  /  17th May 2024

What we learned from Travel Geeks: Plan the Ultimate Greek Island-Hopping Adventure  


What we learned from Travel Geeks: Plan the Ultimate Greek Island-Hopping Adventure  

National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s Travel Geeks: Plan the Ultimate Greek Island-Hopping Adventure was a resounding success. Four experts were on the National Geographic Traveller (UK) panel to share their experiences of journeying around the Ionian Sea.    

The panel included:

  • Alex Outwaithe: TV presenter and professional adventurer  
  • Craig Burton: Former chief instructor for the Royal Yachting Association  
  • Dee Caffari: British sailing champion  
  • James Stewart: Award-winning travel writer  
  • Maria Pitrakkou: Founder and co-host of the My Greek Island podcast  

Here’s some of the great advice they shared:

  1. Festival recommendations: Maria Pitrakkou recommended visiting the Greek islands at specific times of the year to immerse yourself in local culture. She highlighted the Snake Festival in Greece, known as the Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Celebrations take place across the islands, with singing and dancing until sunrise.  
  1. Ideal for novice sailors: James Stewart explained that the Mediterranean is perfect for novice sailors due to its generally calm waters. This contributes to a more enjoyable and relaxed sailing experience.  
  1. Greek cuisine insights: There’s a common misconception that Greek food is meat heavy. However, the panel pointed out that many dishes feature lentils and chickpeas as alternatives, demonstrating the variety in Greek cuisine.  
  1. Athens as a must-visit: The panel emphasised the benefits of visiting both the Greek islands and Athens during a trip. The city offers a rich sightseeing experience of history and ancient culture, complementing relaxed island-hopping adventures.  
  1. Flexibility of sailing: Dee Caffari mentioned that sailing is perfect for those seeking exploration and adventure. Sailing offers the flexibility of staying in one place longer than expected without the hassle of checking in and out of hotels.  

Guests also enjoyed curated cocktails, which gave them a taste of island life, and delectable mezze bites, from flaky herb pies to perfectly grilled prawns.  

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