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News  /  27th February 2024

APL Media introduces Social Asking in a landmark venture to revolutionise audience engagement 


APL Media introduces Social Asking in a landmark venture to revolutionise audience engagement 

APL Media is thrilled to introduce Social Asking, a fresh and innovative SaaS division the company. This new venture brings cutting-edge AI to audience engagement, making it easy for brands to understand their audience in real-time. With Social Asking, we’re not just collecting feedback; we’re helping brands make smarter, quicker decisions based on genuine audience sentiment. It’s a big step forward in connecting brands with their audiences more effectively.

Anthony Leyens, CEO of APL Media, said: “Social Asking’s innovative AI-driven platform aligns perfectly with APL Media’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in audience interaction and insight gathering. Together, we are poised to redefine the landscape of customer feedback. I am confident this partnership will not only enhance our capabilities but also set new standards in the industry, driving growth and success for our valued clients.” 

The launch is a strategic move by APL Media to integrate advanced AI technology into its suite of services. For clients, this means: 

  • Immediate insights into customers’ changing attitudes and desires 
  • The ability to quickly adapt strategies based on audience feedback 
  • More relevant, personalised interactions and experience 

This move not only amplifies APL Media’s commitment to digital innovation but also positions the company as a leader in audience-centric media strategies. APL Media is the lead sales agent for this game-changing software. 

To find out more about how AI-driven insights can transform your business, contact our sales team today at [email protected] or find out more on our media page


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Social Asking is an intelligent new tool that lets audiences share feedback, get meaningful, actionable insights and problem-solve while building a community around a product or brand.  
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Get in touch: +1 (888) 267 8071; [email protected]